ImageOne of the most memorable valentines with my husband…I love that he takes time in putting all these words together to let me feel his genuine love for me.I am so blessed to have a husband like him…


*A special poem written & given to me by my husband Anjilou Flores for Valentine’s Day 2/14/2012
The words from me spoken so softly,
Listen thine heart to its tone melodiously,
As it cries for love and passion joyfully,
To thy heart’s soul-sweet and sentiments loudly,The days are always brighter with you by my side,
Thinking you out of my life is sure to be a suicide,
Your face,your smile,the mysteries- all kidding aside,
My love for you is and will forever reside,

‘Tis day, although, history proclaim,
Is romantic hour preciously and mostly acclaim,
But this beating heart, O heart of Anjlou’s, plain,
Will forever cast not thy love in vain,

Sparkling water,breezy wind of Love,
May this Valentine’s be thy memory above,
So in time, in human life’s resolve,
Your name, and yours only,will evolve.


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