Math Project Idea #1 MATH RHYTHM (in Filipino, Himig Sipnayan)


I love integrating other areas in Math especially Music and Arts in doing Creative Math Projects. I started Himig Sipnayan (Math Rhythm) Project in Philadelphia School  in the Philippines last 2001. My students composed and performed their Math songs live and I am so proud of them…my only regret is that I wasn’t able to capture those moments because we don’t have a video camera (it was so expensive back then). Now, I am teaching high school Math in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA and I gave this as their 4th quarter project so I composed and recorded this song as a sample. I know that they will produce great songs and I am excited the result of their Math Rhythm Project. Hope you enjoy this song and I encourage you especially the Math teachers to be more creative in teaching Math. Make it fun and memorable for your students. By the way, this project needs ample time usually  I give my students the overview of the project at least 30 days before the presentation day (beginning of the quarter) . The Criteria for grading is Content 40%, Creativity(Presentation:live or recorded) 30% and Cooperation (Teamwork & Organization) 30%.  Here’s the lyrics of the Math song I composed.

Pythagorean Theorem (in the tune of Rolling in the deep)

There’s a question starting in my mind

How to find missing angle in right triangle

Finally I start listening in class

and I learn it was easy, use the formula.

There are 3 sides in right triangle

Side A, B and C and C is hypotenuse

It’s the longest side between A and B

Opposite the right angle. 90 degree

*The notes  in my class reminds me of Math

They keep me thinking that I really know it all

The notes in my class they help me solve it

I can’t help singing

Chorus: Pythagorean theorem

A squared plus B squared

Is equal c squared and add

Get the square root, it’s the last

Baby I have reminder for you

If missing leg is A or B

Subtract it from C

Still do exponents,add and square root

That’s the way you do it,

Pythagorean theorem

*The notes  in my class reminds me of Math

They keep me thinking that I really know it all

The notes in my class they help me solve it

I can’t help singing

Chorus: Pythagorean theorem

A squared plus B squared

Is equal c squared and add

Get the square root, it’s the last

Put your heart in everything you do

Count your blessings and focus more

Turn your book, study and solve

Practice, be patient you will learn it all


It all, it all, it all

(Pythagorean Theorem)


*Chorus: Pythagorean theorem

A squared plus B squared

Is equal c squared and add

Get the square root, it’s the last


Who is JESUS?

In Chemistry, He turned water into wine.

In Biology, He was born without a normal conception.

In Physics, He defied gravity by ascending to heaven. In Economics, He disproved the law of diminishing return by feeding 5,000 with only 2 fishes & 5 loaves of bread.

In History, He has no beginning & no end.

In Politics, He came to serve, not to be served. In Christianity, He’s GOD, became man, died & resurrected to open heaven’s gate for us.

Mathematics is Like…

Mathematics is like a sky-

Hard to reach ‘coz it’s high.

It is like a falling rain-

As you drop, feel the pain.

It is also like a mountain-

Move it by your brain.

Mathematics is like everything-

Remember, you can learn anything.

Just do it one by one-

Then, you’ll know how things are done.

 *I composed this song/poem during my first year of teaching  (June 2001) at Philadelphia School in Quezon City,Philippines. My former students will probably remember this poem (that later became a math song). I know that Math can be a challenging subject to some but, it is possible to learn it as long as you start building the foundation and continue trying. One thing I learned in teaching in America is to never give up, not all students will be Math masters but to see couple of them (or at least 1) learn the skill is such a huge accomplishment.


Life is full of choices from the moment we wake up ‘til the time we close our eyes. We choose whatever path we will take and what decisions will we make. At times I am in the state of confusion, I always turn to God. I don’t want to go my own way because I know His plans are better than my plans and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts. In Him I can always gain strength and hope.

Mathematically speaking the graph of a linear equation y=mx + b is always a straight line, where m is the slope of the line (how steep the line is) and b is the y-intercept (where the line crosses the y-axis). The values of m and b changes but x will be consistent to be x. For me, x represents God in my life. He loves me so much and He promises that He will never leave me nor forsake me. When the slope of the line gets steeper and I am about to fall, I always cling on His promises because I know it’s true.He is faithful and just to fulfill His promises. He has proven Himself and His words in my life more than what I can ever imagine or hope for.

I know that the graph of life is not always a straight line, during the difficult times it might turn to a curve line, a broken line, may be a parabola or a hyperbola. When the straight line seems to vanish, I start to bow my knees and pray for I know that when I am weak He is strong. I pray for God’s wisdom to help me as I decide for major turns in my life.

In the way that I will choose to go with His guidance, I know that I will be successful…excelling in my chosen career as I live life with joy in my heart. Everything in this world vanishes and dies…beauty and strength fades…but a meaningful life and true love will live endure ‘til the end.

*I wrote this one last January 2007 (I can’t remember the exact date) when my relationship with my long distance boyfriend (now my husband for almost 5 years now) was going through the test of fire and at the same time, there was so much pressure at work.Praise God because we passed the test and we shine more for His glory.


We are not really celebrating Easter with eggs but I found this cute creative eggs…usually we go to church & celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.He lives forever.

Woking in USA (United Stress of America)


Emerging Truth

By Fiona Macrae

PUBLISHED: 14:01 EST, 2 April 2012 | UPDATED: 14:01 EST, 2 April 2012

Stressed out? Best look away now because reading on could make you ill.

Scientists have shown how long-term stress plays havoc with the immune system, raising the odds of catching a cold.

The same process could explain the role of traumatic events from divorce or death of a loved one to staring a new job in raising the odds of ills from heart disease to depression.

The research comes from U.S. scientists who looked at whether people who had been under a lot of pressure in their day-to-day lives were more likely to catch a cold than those who were more relaxed.

Feeling the pressure: The study showed that those living stressful lives were more likely to become sickFeeling the pressure: The study showed that those living stressful lives were more likely to become sick (Posed by model)

Some 176 men and women were quizzed about any painful or…

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Good Teachers and Good Students (by Ms.Angel March 2006)

Good teachers come to class prepared.

With all their knowledge about the subject-

More than willing, with the students to share.

A good teacher has a big heart.

Compassionate, understanding, and caring.

Encouraging the students that each day is a new start.

A good teacher listens to the students.

Letting them reflect deep in their hearts.

Taking note of their comments.

A good teacher touches lives forever.

Guiding the students to see the right way.

Inspiring them to feel better.

Good teachers teach the students the best they can.

Not just teaching the subject, but teaching its importance.

Accentuating application of concepts…

For life in the long run.

Good students comes to class prepared-

With all the materials in hand.

Going to school because they care.

A good student has an open heart-

Willing to learn new things,

Striving hard to be smart.

Good students know when to speak-

The appropriate words come out of their mouths.

Never making their teacher freak

Good students listen attentively.

Making use of the opportunity to learn each day.

Designing their future skillfully.

Good students dream and believe.

Never giving up and never losing hope.

Taking necessary steps, their dreams to achieve.

A good teacher and a good student

Hand-in-hand working together

Making the world’s future better

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