Mathematics is Like…

Mathematics is like a sky-

Hard to reach ‘coz it’s high.

It is like a falling rain-

As you drop, feel the pain.

It is also like a mountain-

Move it by your brain.

Mathematics is like everything-

Remember, you can learn anything.

Just do it one by one-

Then, you’ll know how things are done.

 *I composed this song/poem during my first year of teaching  (June 2001) at Philadelphia School in Quezon City,Philippines. My former students will probably remember this poem (that later became a math song). I know that Math can be a challenging subject to some but, it is possible to learn it as long as you start building the foundation and continue trying. One thing I learned in teaching in America is to never give up, not all students will be Math masters but to see couple of them (or at least 1) learn the skill is such a huge accomplishment.

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