In Tough Times, Praise Him MORE…

Written last April 21,2011 @ Sinai Hospital 

During my 7 days stay in Sinai Hospital, I had a great encounter with God. He has given my heart a new song. Last March 20, 2011 when I lead the worship team the Lord impressed this verse in my heart (I shared with the congregation) “In ALL circumstances give thanks to the Lord for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” from  1 Thessalonians 5:18. It was easy to praise the Lord when we are in a good situation but when tough times come we sometimes forget to praise and thank Him. My husband said “Tough times call for tough prayers” and I totally agree. The Lord also taught me that “In good times, praise Him and in tough times, praise Him MORE” and He put a new song in my heart.


(April 18,2011 6:30 am-6:45 am)

When I am in good condition

I thank the Lord, I praise the Lord

For I know His love surround me.

You are my Abba Father, I praise you.

Chorus: O Lord I hungry for Your words,

I long to be in Your presence.

My heart and soul praise You alone.

In times I feel like falling,

In times I feel so weak,

When the problems are overwhelming,

You remind me to praise You more.

Chorus: O Lord I hungry for Your words,

I long to be in Your presence.

My heart and soul praise You more.

PS. My papa Pastor Henry Alim tells us: “In good times, praise Him.In bad times,do the same.”


Mathematics is Like…

Mathematics is like a sky-

Hard to reach ‘coz it’s high.

It is like a falling rain-

As you drop, feel the pain.

It is also like a mountain-

Move it by your brain.

Mathematics is like everything-

Remember, you can learn anything.

Just do it one by one-

Then, you’ll know how things are done.

 *I composed this song/poem during my first year of teaching  (June 2001) at Philadelphia School in Quezon City,Philippines. My former students will probably remember this poem (that later became a math song). I know that Math can be a challenging subject to some but, it is possible to learn it as long as you start building the foundation and continue trying. One thing I learned in teaching in America is to never give up, not all students will be Math masters but to see couple of them (or at least 1) learn the skill is such a huge accomplishment.

Good Teachers and Good Students (by Ms.Angel March 2006)

Good teachers come to class prepared.

With all their knowledge about the subject-

More than willing, with the students to share.

A good teacher has a big heart.

Compassionate, understanding, and caring.

Encouraging the students that each day is a new start.

A good teacher listens to the students.

Letting them reflect deep in their hearts.

Taking note of their comments.

A good teacher touches lives forever.

Guiding the students to see the right way.

Inspiring them to feel better.

Good teachers teach the students the best they can.

Not just teaching the subject, but teaching its importance.

Accentuating application of concepts…

For life in the long run.

Good students comes to class prepared-

With all the materials in hand.

Going to school because they care.

A good student has an open heart-

Willing to learn new things,

Striving hard to be smart.

Good students know when to speak-

The appropriate words come out of their mouths.

Never making their teacher freak

Good students listen attentively.

Making use of the opportunity to learn each day.

Designing their future skillfully.

Good students dream and believe.

Never giving up and never losing hope.

Taking necessary steps, their dreams to achieve.

A good teacher and a good student

Hand-in-hand working together

Making the world’s future better

360 Degrees

The school with elegance: Arcadia University

Our school is having this 3 Days SAT Camp (with College Tour) started yesterday for selected ten 11th graders from the College Awareness Club. Yesterday, we left Philadelphia at around 9am and we had a tour in Arcadia University (known as the Grey Towers Castle). I love the architectural design and the landscape is breathtaking. The program is great and the students get to study abroad (European and Asian countries). How I wish I can go back to college as a freshman in this institution. Then, we drove 1 ½ hours to Harrisburg University. It focuses more on STEM courses and it is located in the downtown. It is a huge building connected to the Strawberry Mall. Studying there is I guess interesting because the courses are more hands on. One of my students wants to take Forensic in College and she is interested in applying there. On our way to State College Pennsylvania, I was able to write a poem. The travel time is almost 2 hours from Harrisburg.

360 Degrees

Every tick of the clock,

Every 360 degrees round, 

I want to let you know,

I want to let you feel.

You are important to me.

But we are very busy,

We are so preoccupied,

I don’t want time to just pass,

I want every second to count,

In another 360 degrees round

Keep in mind-

That you are my love,

You are my life,

No matter what…

Every day passes by so quickly and we are so preoccupied with so many things that we seldom stop to let our love ones (especially family members) know that we love them. Sometimes that’s all we need to go on our daily lives. Sometimes hearing the words “I love you” or “I care about you” will bring a smile and comfort to get though the day.  May this poem remind you to stop and reflect for a while…think about the significant people in your life.


ImageOne of the most memorable valentines with my husband…I love that he takes time in putting all these words together to let me feel his genuine love for me.I am so blessed to have a husband like him…


*A special poem written & given to me by my husband Anjilou Flores for Valentine’s Day 2/14/2012
The words from me spoken so softly,
Listen thine heart to its tone melodiously,
As it cries for love and passion joyfully,
To thy heart’s soul-sweet and sentiments loudly,The days are always brighter with you by my side,
Thinking you out of my life is sure to be a suicide,
Your face,your smile,the mysteries- all kidding aside,
My love for you is and will forever reside,

‘Tis day, although, history proclaim,
Is romantic hour preciously and mostly acclaim,
But this beating heart, O heart of Anjlou’s, plain,
Will forever cast not thy love in vain,

Sparkling water,breezy wind of Love,
May this Valentine’s be thy memory above,
So in time, in human life’s resolve,
Your name, and yours only,will evolve.