Good Teachers and Good Students (by Ms.Angel March 2006)

Good teachers come to class prepared.

With all their knowledge about the subject-

More than willing, with the students to share.

A good teacher has a big heart.

Compassionate, understanding, and caring.

Encouraging the students that each day is a new start.

A good teacher listens to the students.

Letting them reflect deep in their hearts.

Taking note of their comments.

A good teacher touches lives forever.

Guiding the students to see the right way.

Inspiring them to feel better.

Good teachers teach the students the best they can.

Not just teaching the subject, but teaching its importance.

Accentuating application of concepts…

For life in the long run.

Good students comes to class prepared-

With all the materials in hand.

Going to school because they care.

A good student has an open heart-

Willing to learn new things,

Striving hard to be smart.

Good students know when to speak-

The appropriate words come out of their mouths.

Never making their teacher freak

Good students listen attentively.

Making use of the opportunity to learn each day.

Designing their future skillfully.

Good students dream and believe.

Never giving up and never losing hope.

Taking necessary steps, their dreams to achieve.

A good teacher and a good student

Hand-in-hand working together

Making the world’s future better